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Elmers Super 7 Harrow

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Available In 30′, 50′, 70′ and 90′ options


Why Is The Super 7 Harrow So Great?

Elmers Super 7 Harrow is built by a farmer for a farmer. Our harrow has a unique 7 Bar Design which harrows 40% more of your field per pass. Combine that with adjustability and heavy duty construction it is truly a harrow that can do it all!

Grain Cart Field Heavy Duty Construction

Built to last frame and cabling ensures an even spread which gives you the best results you can find.


Grain Cart Field7 Bar Design

Giving the harrow 40% more teeth with its 1/2″ tines provides greater straw flow optimizing your seed bed for spring.

Grain Cart FieldAdjustability

Tine angle, down pressure and section angle adjustability gives you options depending on your needs.

Superior Straw Management

Elmers Exclusive 7 bars with 1/2″ Tines creates a perfect mixture of weight and surface area to create an ideal seed bed for your crop.

7 Bar

1-7/16″ Spacing

1/2″ x 22″ Tine Size

45° – 90° Tine Angle

One Harrow For It ALL

The Super 7 Harrow is capable of taking over the job from what a Heavy Harrow and a Mid-Harrow can do, giving you one piece of equipment that does it all. As demonstrated in the video you can see the 7 bar design conditioning the soil similar to a mid-harrow but by 40% more without the extra weight of the heavy harrow.

How Does it Compare?

The Super 7 can give you an ideal seed bed in one pass with the adjustability to adapt to your fields’ specific needs.

Heavy Harrow

The Super 7 is lighter and has 40% more tines which will condition the soil more than a heavy harrow while leaving a better finish.

Heavy Duty Construction

The build construction on the Super 7 Harrow is no slouch. From its thick main frame and harrow sections to its large tires and parallel linkage bars this harrow will be able to handle the harshest of environments.

8″ x 8″ x 1/4″ Main Frame

4″ x 8″ x 1/4″ Hitch Frame

550/45/225 Hitch
360/60/225 Wing

By The Numbers

More Area Done Per Pass

Elmers 7 Bar Design allows 40% more surface area to be harrowed per pass. As per the illustration you can visualize what makes the Super 7 so great.

Grain Cart Field

3 Dimensions of Adjustability

The Super 7 Harrow can adapt to your fields needs. Tine angle adjustments for more or less aggressive harrowing, down pressure for how much weight to put onto the field and section angle control for ideal straw and seed bed management.

40-90° Tine Angle

10″ Vertical Down Pressure

Section Angle Control

Super 7 Harrow
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