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STIHL HSA 26Avid gardeners, land owners and nurseries will reap the benefits of the HSA 26 battery shrub shears. Powered by a 10.8 V rechargeable battery, it provides 28 Wh of energy with a battery runtime of 110 minutes. Designed with an ergonomically shaped control handle that’s perfectly balanced so that users have full control of the HSA 26. The charge status indicator with LED light advises about the remaining battery capacity at any time. Equipped with a shrub cutter to trim and maintain small evergreen hedges and ornamental trees, as well as a grass trimmer for cutting grass around the garden and patio edges. Excellent cutting performance with dual cutting blades. The HSA 26 will be safely stored and transported in the carrying bag that is supplied.

HSA 26
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Blade Length (cm)
Rated Voltage (V)
Blade Length (cm) (cm)
Weight Without Battery ­(kg)
Weight Without Battery (kg / Lbs)
0.8 / 2.2

STIHL HSA 26 Ergonomically optimised control handle

The ergonomically optimised shrub trimmer is perfectly balanced. The non-slip control handle allows you to guide the trimmer easily and safely.

STIHL HSA 26 LED charge level indicator

Thanks to the easily readable LED charge level indicator, the user can check at the push of a button how much battery capacity is left at any time.

STIHL HSA 26 Tool-free blade replacement

The cutting tools can be replaced quickly and without tools.


STIHL HSA 26 Grass trimmer

The grass trimmer boasts a blade width of 120 mm, which makes it ideal for cutting and trimming grass and lawn edges. The cutting tools can be replaced quickly and without tools.

STIHL HSA 26 Teardrop-shaped shrub cutter

The double-sided shrub cutter with proven STIHL teardrop-shaped teeth delivers top cutting performance. The teardrop shape means that branches are held securely at the blade for perfect cutting results. The shrub cutter’s bar length of 200 mm is ideal for precisely shaping small-leaved ornamental trees and hedges.

STIHL HSA 26 Blade scabbard

A well fitting cover for the blade of shrub cutters and grass trimmers ensures secure protection during transport and storage.

STIHL HSA 26 Practical carry bag

The set includes a wall-mountable carry bag for easy transportation and safe storage.


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